Welcome to Wetdub.com

Wetdub.com┬áis the online presence for the club known as Wetdub – a car community for all Volkswagen and Audi enthusiasts from the mid-west to the south-central region of the United States, with main chapters in Wichita, KS. Oklahoma City, OK. Tulsa, OK. and NW Arkansas. The club was formed in the late summer of 2005 after two regional clubs, OKC Wetdub of Oklahoma City and Team Foolie of Wichita, KS, merged to pool resources and grow the community we love. The main focus of the group is on the Volkswagen and Audi water-cooled era, 1975 – present, yet we fully welcome our air-cooled brethren and other Euro brands to be a part of our fast-growing community. As a club, we actively plan monthly regional meets and annual BBQs. Our members also participate in local get together’s, attend regional shows and weekly gatherings. Our members also attend national shows and track events. For more information on these events, please visit and register on our forums. For more information on becoming an official Wetdub member to receive discounts and services, please visit our storefront, or talk with your local chapter co-chair.